Nice to have you here!  Welcome to the home of Personal Development. I am Arson Vasyl; Writer, blogger and online entrepreneur. I create contents that help people to find self-clarity, develop their creativity and boost their productivity. My contents are theme based, backed up with my personal experiences, and are creatively crafted. My contents are Valuable personal and unique.
I spent one complete year, 2018, trying to filter out my passions; meanwhile, I was also trying to figure out my purpose on earth. I am a science student, studying clinical medicine. I am addicted to reading; Very good at painting; I can sing; I can also write. With all these passions, I got as confused as to what I should maximise on as a purpose; that is when I decided to research, and connect deeply with myself in order find clarity of purpose for myself.
All went well for me; I discovered my ultimate passions in writing. I discovered my thirst for self development. And that is what propelled me to become a student of life for life. I have been in the dungeon of uncertainty myself. The 18th August 2017 was my 22nd birthday. That day I thought about my life, I realised I didn’t have a clear purpose for the life I had lived. That is when i passed into 2018 determined to find my purpose. And that is what happened. Now I have been imagining, what if I lived blindly, going with the default Identity, what could I have been 20 more years from now? 
Unfortunately most people live blindly; and later regret having lived a life different from what they are meant to be. This is the main reason I started this blog. To help as many people as I can, to find self clarity, develop their creativity and boost their productivity. I am also in the process. With my valuable personal creative things I will make you discover things about yourself. 
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