Become more passionate about your purpose.

Most posts about passion and purpose, puts passion before purpose. They say you should first find your purpose, then you make it your purpose. That is okay, but there is also a possibility of one finding a purpose before finding passion for it. I think so because human beings have tendency of denials, we tend to ignore truths inside of us and go after what everyone approves of. What meets the eye. It's easy to find some work to do as a purpose than to find the passion that the beholder is denying that it doesn't exist.
I'm writing this article to help people discern their passions and and become more passionate and hence productive.
Passions is expressed by energytic excitement .
One sure way to become passionate about just anything is to be enthusiastic about it, to feel energetic and excited to be part of a particular subject or activity. Lack of enthusiasm can blind us to our true passions.
When you are in a dark room and your eyes are blinded, no matter how bright the light in the room is, you will not see a thing. That’s why many have not yet found their passion. They are in the darkness of uncertainty.
I started writing When I was 14 years of age. Back then, I could write apoems, passages , stories and anything in my diary book. At 18, I wrote my first book. The book was about composition writing. This book got finished and i just packed the manuscript and never published it. I loved writing, but I was not enthusiastic enough to get out boldly and announce that I have written a book. I was the best in chemistry back then and everyone knew me as a science student. At that moment I had already convinced my self that I wanted to be a pharmacist. I thought publishing a book about composition writing would confuse my  Identity. I thought no one would buy, people would laugh at me. In all those uncertainties, I told myself
“men, you better get serious with your studies, this writing thing will take you no where.”
I realised the mistakes we may make that prevents us from being enthusiast and eventually passionate, is to focus on the wrong things;
Instead of asking,
Am I really up to this?
You should be excited about making something interesting out of it.
That’s how to make fun of every uncertainty. You make them all look like interesting mysteries to be discovered. Don’t be too serious here. Love for everything can fade away in the long run; your ability to love remains with you, forever.
Instead of thinking about rewards [will anyone buy this?] You should be focusing on how you can make it worth buying.
If your focus is on the payment for the worth, you will lose focus on the worth it’s self. This is a very terrible enemy to value. Unfortunately, when what you do loses value, your passion for it automatically depreciates.
Instead of trying to impress everyone about it, trying to make them think it’s a great idea, focus on making it impactful. Who can resist what is good? No one!  Be too good to be ignored!You will certainly be adored.
One of the reasons why some people fail to be passionate about what they do is because the people in their cycle do not approve of a particular activity. Your parents do not approve of it, and you siblings also, do not approve of it. Now, does that mean you should quit? No! You don’t need to, no prophet has ever been welcomed in his home town. Do the good work you have a feeling to do, the impact of your action will speak for you.
I know many at times we can be so uncertain, that also kills enthusiasm. Try to fuel your enthusiasm by focusing on creativity rather than uncertainty.
You might not be so sure that it will work but one sure thing is that you have done your best to make by our creative work into something complete. Creating is a success in itself. Performance is a success in it self.  If you can just add some value to it, the right people will come in your support.
The major reasons why the A student in class usually seem to have no particular passions but academics is seriousness. It’s okay to be serious but a little love for fun always sparkle enthusiasm that might lead to passion discovery.
Always remember to;
Focus on the subject rather than self.
Result not reward
Impacts and not impression
Creativity and not certainty
More fun and not seriousness
Be brave in pursuit of that passion.
Uncertainty will abound in every new activities that seems new to our eyes but that should not make us fear. Fear is an enemy of vision. Yet we can overcome it.
If you make your fear to hold you back, you will not be able to step out and try new scaring things out there. If you don’t try out things you won’t even know how passionate you are about them. All you ever know is the fact that you felt like doing it.
I remember in my secondary school, I had just joined the school, and a team of student leaders came in to inform us of one of the school programme that was compulsory in the school. And that was debating. They told us it was going to start the next Thursday. I felt in my heart to debate, I thought I loved speaking, I believed I was a bright Student but I never thought I could talk in front of people. The day came, it was Thursday already but I was still arguing with myself whether to show up or not.
I sat in front that day, I accepted the challenge to be the debate; when the Speaker called my name, and my heart gave a sudden eruptive beat, sending waves of cold chills throughout my body. I stood up weakly. My knees knocked against each others as I left my Desk to come and face audience. Everyone got quiet and the silence even scared me the more.
I opened my quaking mouth and I began to speak.  My voice was loud and clear and I could hear the echo of my voice coming back to me. I became even more confident. Immediately I began to use gestures, my stance became steady and the audience began to clap after every points.
That is the point when I realised that the things that you fear are always not as bad as we think it is. I realised that the fear I had was not the fear of Public speaking, rather it was the fear of getting on to the podium.
It takes brevity to get out of the comfort zone. A chick might fear breaking its shell but the day it does, that is when he realise inside the shell is like prison but out there is freedom. Now this implies that, if you are brave you shall be able to discover passions you never thought you had.
Here is how you can become brave:
Think of yourself as cable of doing that which scares you; Go out and do that which scares you, behave as if you are not even scared of the seemingly scary effect.
Be optimistic about your passion.
There is a saying that pessimists are always right and optimists are always winners. And I totally agree with it. This is why, it is because the pessimists allow their reality to dictate what is possible; unlike the optimist that believes that all things works for their good. The optimists are always positive about every thing that they do. They believe that even in their uncomfortable work, something good is going to happen.
Sometimes we even need to get passionate to the little things that we surely know that is not our passions. These things will later end up building us for bigger opportunities that serves our passions.
Passion is in such a way that you cannot like every part of it. Supposed a you were an aspiring writer and you are very passionate about writing with a pen and book but you are not actually passionate about typing with the computer. If suddenly an opportunity pops up, that Stephen Kin g the great writer wants to hire you as a typist, Would you refuse it because typing is not your passion? No! You will take it be passionate about it and learn all the secrets of the great writer.
This should illustrate to you that, you can be passionate about anything even if you don’t have a passion for it, as long as you are optimistic about its outcome.
You might be asking, how can one be passionate about something that he has no passion for? It is possible, even when something is less interesting to you when you are doing, treat it with love. They are all opportunities. Don’t take any thing for granted. There is no guarantee in life, every little opportunities that comes our ways we should learn to treat it with a little love.
Even if you find yourself locked up in a job you don’t like, give it your best. Some one is watching you. That some one might in future hire you for the kind of job you have real passion for.
I heard someone on day saying that
“Fake it until you make it.” I think if there is anywhere where this saying might applies then it must be in the quest for passion. Faking the passion is the best way to rescue yourself from the miserable reality you are in. I like reality so much that at one point, when I was in a real dark moment in my life, I coined and posted an original saying that;
The reason I am so optimistic about my future is because I am so realistic about my present.
At this moment in my life, I had bounced back from school, I don’t want to say I broke out of school, eventually I went back. I was broke, I was on the street selling for Sunking solar company, earning commission. I hated sales like nothing, but I had to fake love for sales. I passionately sold and yeah, I made some money. [Note that I hate selling but I love marketing. The two are different.]
Have faith on your passion .
Passions sometimes does not come obvious to us, we have the hint or the feeling about doing something but we do not yet think it is the right thing we have passion for. Now this is where faith some in. We are supposed to take action in spite of our uncertainty.
We should act on what we have a simply little plight to do. Don’t hesitate! you lose nothing by trying. If you feel like not taking the action, remember this saying,
20 years from now you will be regretting for the things that you did not do when you had opportunity to do.
According to the bible faith is the evidence of the things hoped for. The seed of passion is  hope in particular activity. The seed that some how, later sprout into passion for that particular activity. If you have faith, you will eventually hope for some thing. If you have hope, being passionate becomes inevitable.
In continuation, the bible says,
“...of the things not seen.”
You can not see passion, right? Yes, you cannot see it but there is that little voice inside of you that will tell you that;
Oh boy that thing some how have some thing to do with my life,
then if you have faith, what do you do? You act, you get out and do some thing about it you go out and be passionate about it.
Yes, it takes faith. Now you should have realised that faith applies to every thing in life you should better step out boldly and show the world the real you. Since we are using the bible for our definition of faith, we should know that terms and condition applies.
This is what am talking about, the bible says that faith without action is dead, that means action! It means one must first take action for it to work.
This is how you can apply this principle, If you want to be a writer for example, but you are not sure whether it is some thing you love to do for the rest of your life, my simple advice is that, Give your self a period of set of time say one month for a set of challenge say writing a small book of often thousand words. Feel free to write about just any thing that come into your mind for all those period of time don’t try to over think or to edit. If you complete that period of time, great! You have the passion, if you don’t, try your faith else where. That is what faith is like. It give you a chance to try out something whether it works for you or not.


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