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Become more passionate about your purpose.

Most posts about passion and purpose, puts passion before purpose. They say you should first find your purpose, then you make it your purpose. That is okay, but there is also a possibility of one finding a purpose before finding passion for it. I think so because human beings have tendency of denials, we tend to ignore truths inside of us and go after what everyone approves of. What meets the eye. It's easy to find some work to do as a purpose than to find the passion that the beholder is denying that it doesn't exist. I'm writing this article to help people discern their passions and and become more passionate and hence productive. Passions is expressed by energytic excitement . One sure way to become passionate about just anything is to be enthusiastic about it, to feel energetic and excited to be part of a particular subject or activity. Lack of enthusiasm can blind us to our true passions. When you are in a dark room and your eyes are blinded, no matter how bright the…