Everything you need to know about reading books for personal development.

Everything you need to know about reading books for personal development. 

Note that there are many purposes for reading. There is reading for academic purpose, there is reading for entertainment and there is reading for personal development.
For each type of reading, there are different genres and reading techniques required to bring a particular results. For example, for academic purpose, academic books and textbooks come handy: For entertainment, there are numerous genres of fictions and novels.  For personal development, you should read books, journals, blogs, non fictions and theme based memoirs. To some extent, all the genres of writings can actually satisfy any of the purposes.

How is reading for personal development different from reading for entertainment and reading for academic purpose.

Reading books for personal development needs more planning and strategising than when you read for just entertainment. It's result is even more practical than when you read for academic purpose. It involves reading majorly Self help books, blogs and journals. And the most interesting part is that, reading for personal development has to be well planned in order to bring the desired results.

Reading as a personal development goal.

According to personal development consultants, one of the most powerful strategies for personal development is reading. And here in this article I am focusing on reading personal development books.
If reading personal development books is your goal or strategy for personal development, it is important for you to plan that reading journey carefully so that you get the most out of every books that you read; so that by the time you finish the last book on your list, you are that changed person you want to be. This calls for a definite reading goal. Why do you want to read? What expertise do you want to develop? This helps you know what kind of books you will need to read.
There are very many book categories. There are fictions and nonfictions and these are further divided into many categories. All book categories can develop you in a certain way. Personally I enjoy both fictions and non fictions alike. But when you ask me which genres of books is good for personal development; I would recommend nonfiction and memoirs. Non fictions are instructional and straight to the point. This helps you  pick  up the flesh of the matter quicker as you read. And memoirs are usually true life stories focused on a particular theme. They are greatly applicable in real life.
7 advice to First time readers:How to become a reader.

7 advice to First time readers: How to become a reader.

Flip through the various genres.

At the  beginning of this year, the first book I began to read was really boring. Instead of going straight to the ideas, the writer was instead filling pages with his opinions on why the ideas works,  and a lot of testimonials on how it works. And yet he was keeping me waiting for the ideas.  I was disappointed I dropped the book and proceeded to another one.
When I was a beginning reader back then books like this one would make me think I am a bad reader.  It would make me lose appetite for reading. That was back then but as I became an avid reader,  I began to realise that in most cases I am not a bad reader at all; Some books Shacks either because the writers are  terrible writers or the books are just not right for me.
To beginning readers I advise you to try out Books. Just because you have began to read a book, it doesn't mean you must finish it.  If the book shacks, Chuck it and move on to another book. Keep on trying your eyeballs on various books and book genres until you find the right genre for you.

Make your own list.

Influencers will make book recommendations. Blogs and magazines will make book lists.  The most popular books, the best books etc but if you are a beginner,  I suggest you make your own list  as opposed to adopting a ready made book list.
Read book summaries and when a certain book interests you, add to your book list.  You can also read reviews an Amazon; read reviews on readers digest . These gives you a glimpse of what the book is about. This way you can make a book list customised to your interest.
Once you have a book list,  the next thing is to flip through the books, the right books will hold your interest by instinct.  Remember you are a beginner  so you have to take it easy on yourself.  You can keep on editing your book list as you go along.

Read outside the box.

Reading for personal development?  My initial suggestion in this article was that self help books does the work better. But am letting you out of the hook that;  you don't need to stick to these self help books, once in a while try out new genres. Try out fictions. Try new genres and you will discover your genres of interest.

Don't force a book.

Don't force a book because everyone says it's a good book,  if your mind has refused it,  it won't accept it. There are just too many books that you can't read all the books in your life time.  Like I said if a book doesn't work for you,  try another one. There are a lot of options. A bad book shouldn't spoil your appetite for books.

Go slow.

Walk before you can run.  Go slow,  allow yourself to get used to the journey of reading.  Personally I recommend a beginner to start with a easy goal of one book a month.
Some times you will come across a book that completely match your interests and your struggle of a particular moment.  And you feel like the writer is talking to you in particular.  You feel like that is the book that can change your life. When  you find that book,  slow your pace even more.  Instead of reading the book,  study the book,  study!  study it.

Forgive yourself for not finishing on time.

It is okay for a beginning reader to have a reading goal, with time attached. However, at the beginning you might not be able to finish a book in the allocated time.  For example if you said one book a month and a month down the road you have just finish half a book,  don't beat yourself up. Instead keep on with the struggle and when you finish the book,  celebrate!

Read with a purpose in mind.

If you are reading for the shake of reading,  chances are that you are going to shake off the habit of reading real fast. In this article am focusing on reading for personal development.  But this is still vague. You as a reader have to be specific on what area you want to develop yourself.  Do you want to develop as a politician?  As a writer? a pastor? You are the one who knows best.
Why do you want to read?  If the why is clear the how will come by itself.

How to get the most out of a personal development book.

How to get the most out of a personal development book.

Make a plan for reading.

Getting the most out of reading books requires you to retain your interest in reading,  focus on your reading purpose until you achieve that purpose. The first step to this is to have a plan in place. This plan will guide you to develop your reading habit.
First you have to create your reading environment. A place where you usually go to for reading so that once you get to the place,  your mind is conditioned to yearn for a book. Secondly, ensure you have comfortable seat, preferably desk. Then thirdly,  Your light should be sufficient if you read at night.

Take notes when reading.

As you read,  there are lines and paragraphs that ignite your thinking,  they make you imagine new ideas and possibilities. Some are simply new vocabularies, don't lose it record it. Record everything that come to your mind.
One reasons why some people don't take actions after reading is that they don't have points to act on. But if you record something while reading,  you increase your chances of of taking actions.

Take actions after reading.

Act on the ideas you get from the books. Act on them little by little. When I read the book how to influence people and win friends,  I went and tried the ideas out. Some worked some did not work. For those that worked made me better.  For those that did not work made me look for why they did not work. That made me better too.
Be in control and change your life.
Books are are there to change your perspective,  they are their to stimulate your mind to think about new ideas.  You are the one who is supposed to recognise those ideas put them to action and change your life.
If you read a book and it doesn't change your life,  don't complain,  work on yourself to become better first.  Sometimes you download apps and after installing the phone says PARSING ERROR.  this does not mean that the app has a problem.  But rather,  the phones version is not compatible. Likewise personal development book not having an impact on a person doesn't mean the book has a problem. In some instances the problem is the vacuum it is taken in.


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