Three Questions that can make your 2019 amazingly successful:A Complete guide on how to plan your year, 2019: 

This is a complete guide to planning a new year. In fact it is not just a guide but a complete template; I used my own examples to demonstrate how you can use it.  The aim of planning your New Year is to give overview of your progress, glimpse at what you ought to do in the New Year and a sense of being intentional with your life.

How to use it,

  1. Get a pen and note book.
  2. Copy the main titles into the new pages each.
  3. Read through my examples.
  4. Ask yourself the same questions.
  5. Answer and write down yours.
This method worked for me and I hope that it shall also work for you

Question: What was my life like last year by this time?

To review the previous year, I sat down and closed my eyes, trying very hard to remember everything that happened or that I was involved in by this time last year. I wrote down every thing that came to my mind just the way they came. Read through, shut your eyes and think.

  1. Entrepreneurship.

I was having a business idea for a bakery. I was seriously following multi international entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa. Every thought of mine was entrepreneurial by then. So before I entered 2018, I was already ready to start. I had some small money for capital.
What were you thinking about last year by this time?
What is that big thing that you thought that if you launched it in2018, it could change your life?
Which hero was on your mind last year this time?
  1. Confused on what my purpose was.

My purpose was not clear to me. I loved a lot of things and this was the time when I was so hungry for clarity of my purpose. I loved medical field, I loved writing, I loved the internet but I couldn’t figure out around which passion to coin my purpose.
What was your purpose before you joined 2018? Was it clear? What were you thinking about it?
  1. Had only a buttoned phone.

Last year, I had connection problem because I had not yet acquired the Techno C9 Camon phone I am using now. By then I still had a button phone. Though still used it daily to connect to the internet, I wasn’t complaining about it.
What gadgets were you having? Which one was your favourite?
  1. Only tiny circle of my town mates and old school friends.

My major friends were actually relatives, town mates and old school friends. I couldn’t share with them all my passions, like about digital world, writing since they were all green about such. However there were some Nigerians friends whom I started admiring online for their confidence to coach people online.

  1. Not intentional on social media.

I didn’t have one single purpose for being online. However, I kept on the habit of posting only the best part of my thoughts. Sometimes I posted advice on life, sometimes something motivational.
  1. Had big dreams.

If I looked back to what my life was like, I remember that back then I had very big scaring goals. I dreamed of big businesses, at the same time of going back to school to finish studies.
  1. Online business was a mystery.

I also had an Idea of doing something productive online. Yet I had many unanswered question how to do business inline. Understanding how a completely digital business operates was still a mystery for me.
  1. Hungry for knowledge.

I was so hungry for knowledge I wanted to know about so many things. This explains why I was always on the internet goggling about so many things.
  1. Quest for self actualisation.

Inside of me I felt the urge to find something I could dedicate myself to, something I could wake up every day to do as my thing. This was my quest for self actualisation.
  1. Highly positive about using internet to share my thoughts

Question two: What were my plans for 2018?

Now try to remember the plans you had for 2018. Did you write any resolution? Here recall and record them as you planned them.

  1. To start a bakery business
  2. To enrol back to school
  3. To write a book
  4. To read 20 books
  5. To find my purpose in life and start building myself in it continuously
  6. To learn more about digital business
  7. To get intentional about my online presence
  8. Financial plan[Personal]
  9. Health habits
  10. Spiritual goal: to find some role to play in church.

Question three: What happened to my 2018 goals: Success and failures?

Look at the goals of 2018, one by one. What happened to them? Have you achieved them? Are there some failures?  Are there some successes? Separate them. That is your 2018 end of year report.


  1. I joined School in August.
  2. I wrote the first draft of my first book.
  3. I read 20 books.
  4. I found my passion in Writing, Talking and creating things.
  5. I launched my new blog, YouTube channel
  6. I customised, branded my face book account. I also started my face book page


  1. I started a business that failed in one week.
  2. I failed to maintain health routine, sleep routine, planning and journaling.
  3. I failed here too; I didn’t find a position to serve in church.


  1. Financially, Still kept a secrete

2019 Resolutions

After all is said and done, what do you resolve to do in 2019? List them.
  1. To Work on my digital business 9 hours every week; one article a week; one video a week; one post series a week.
  2. Work on my routine and scheduling of tasks.
  3. Do physical Exercise, going to church and health habits as routines
  4. Read 100 books,
  5. Write one book every month.
  6. Stop the habit of frequently checking on my face book notification.
  7. Connect with other bloggers and writers online
  8. Improve on my dressing code. Try minimalist dressing styles; keep it cool, keep it simple.
  9. Reach out and do some public speaking at least once in three months
  10. Financial resolutions withheld.
End by redefining your purpose;
Purpose: To create contents that helps people to develop creativity, self-clarity and productivity.


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