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Three Questions that can make your 2019 amazingly successful:A Complete guide on how to plan your year, 2019: This is a complete guide to planning a new year. In fact it is not just a guide but a complete template; I used my own examples to demonstrate how you can use it.  The aim of planning your New Year is to give overview of your progress, glimpse at what you ought to do in the New Year and a sense of being intentional with your life.How to use it,
Get a pen and note book. Copy the main titles into the new pages each. Read through my examples. Ask yourself the same questions. Answer and write down yours. This method worked for me and I hope that it shall also work for you Question: What was my life like last year by this time?To review the previous year, I sat down and closed my eyes, trying very hard to remember everything that happened or that I was involved in by this time last year. I wrote down every thing that came to my mind just the way they came. Read through, shut your eyes and…

Three Reasons why you should Read books

Three reasons why you should read books.

1- Improve your communication  ability

Your vocabulary improve; your diction of words improve; You gain clarity of communication.

In this world your influence is enhanced by what you know and how you convey it to others.

2- Find answers to your challenges

No challenge is new on earth. Most challenges have answers in books.

If you don't read the solution from a book, then maybe you have to face the  challenge itself and learn by experience, or pay a mentor or consultant to help you.

The fact is a book can actually be a faster way to find a solution.

3- Expands your spheres of thoughts

Are you a thought leader?
Here is my definition of a thought leader.

A person whose ideas influence people to think like they do.

To be a thought leader you must know a lot in your area of interest.

All these ideologies around have been around for years. Thought leaders just come in to brand it in a certain way to make the idea more desirable to the people.