Prepared to be propelled!

Luck is a point where opportunity meets  preparedness  and the preparation gains fortune. It takes a curious  prepared servant to  succeed.

I fret and sign at the sight  of a youth who says there is no opportunity, no jobs, no capital. As a matter of fact these things are  always  available  everywhere where at constant  rate. Those  who  are curious finds them. 

Prophet Moses found opportunity to  liberate Israelites when   he himself  had  fled Egypt, LOOKING for freedom.Look around you,  chances are, most successful  guys  LOOKED  for the opportunity.

Looking alone is not enough, you have got to set up, ready to step up. Here I mean  prepare! 

Learn constantly and ceaselessly. Because that is  the best way  to  outsmart  competition  for opportunities. Of what  use is it  when you  find  opportunity that  does not match your  ability? Not  good at all. Read!  Learn new  skills! practice what you know!

And again if you  are at all going to be propelled and excel,  you have got  to  have a mindset of a king and an habit  of  a servant. Back the story of Moses, 

This  man was adopted  prince, in the time when  Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. When he committed offence, his attitude was, I  would  rather  become  a shepherd in a distant  land than becoming  an enslaved prince or imprisoned  prince.
Because his mindset could not  allow Slavery or imprisonment.

Friends, refuse it, refuse the slavery life, set your  mindset high,  prepare  and seek for what  you  desire. The  God of Moses is with you.

There are three things you should equip yourself with;

1-The eyes of the seeker

2-The readiness attitude

3-The servant hood mindset. 

I read  in the  Bible  and I  found out that  God created  a man  who  had no father  and no mother. Adam was actually  an orphan,  with no  clothes no house , no car,  no nothing. 

I write this  especially  to those who  grew up  without  parents, those who  lives in refugee camps, exiles,  those in diaspora. You guys have a lot of opportunities to prosper. A lot challenges to chance your success on. 

One thing  that  will prevent  you from seeing  and seizing your life changing chances is what I  call  the  mindset  of the environment. An orphan  with  an orphan mindset,  a refugee with  a refugee  mindset,  a poor person with  poverty  mindset. You see, what  you think molds you. You can't  keep on with the  same  mentality  and you  expect  a different  result, that's insanity at its peak. 

Personally  I also grew up in  hardship, that is why I am hardened. As a  young  boy  at certain points  I heed not the older people from among which I grew up: when they said;

Son,  live in like a poor person  so that  you  save money in hard times 

Instead,  my new  mindset  told me;

Friend, live a life of a humble servant  so that you  can always earn money, even when Time is hard.

It's not  about  disobedient,  but can one keep a new wine in a old wine skin? No!  the wine skin will  burst. Likewise, One cannot reach new level with an old mindset, other  wise one would  terribly fail. 

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